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    Technology innovations have come a long way in recent years and video has evolved

along with it. As a result the Legal Video Profession has proved itself to be a distinct and valuable tool for testimony enhancement. With trial dates further down the calender witnesses can be video depositioned now while the information is fresh in their minds and the admissible video testimony makes for a much greater impression to a jury in case of the absence of the witness for  the trial.

A typical video deposition in progress.

LVD videographers are the clear choice to preserve testimony visually and document it in a way that cannot be done with traditional transcripts.

Video Depositions

Settlement Documentaries


Will signing ceremonies

Proof of Damages

Mock Trials



Want to save time and do your own edits and video clips?

Need that last minute change to a clip just before the trial?


We can synchronize transcripts with video for use with

TrialDirector, DepoView and other trial software.

24 hour Turnaround (w/transcript).



     Check out the Services link at the top of the page for more info on Video Editing and Synchronization of the video and transcript, and other services offered by LVD..

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