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  • Video Depositions


       Nothing has been proven more effective during pre-trial hearings or during the trial itself, than the presentation of visual evidence. A video deposition adds many significant elements to the testimony: personal appearance, demeanor, voice inflections, tone, reactions and knowledge are just a few of the things  in a video deposition which can't be seen in the traditional approach. Any one of these elements can create a powerful impression to enhance your argument.

    LVD Video Specialists are prompt, professionally attired, and sensitive to the importance of the deposition process. We operate in accord with the Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 30(b)(4), which governs the legal video recording of depositions for admission in a court of law.

    Each video deposition is recorded on a high quality digital video camera, audio and backdrops and delivered in a variety of formats best suited to your presentation.

  • Synchronizing Transcripts


      DepoView allows you to create and save video clips, search transcripts, and export synchronized video depositions to other programs. DepoView is the easiest way to review the deposition, search important segments, and extract key testimony from your video transcript.

    For more on DepoView  CLICK HERE!

  • Settlement Documentaries


        A settlement video is a condensed preview of your case. Because it is not intended to be used in court, presentation style is not limited as it is in a "day-in-the-life" documentary. Although some of the subject matter may be the same, a settlement documentary is intended to show the strength of your case. The creative elements are unrestricted in showing both liability and damages. It is an 8 to 30 minute documentary that includes interviews with any or all of your client, their family, friends, co-workers and experts. We can include graphics, police/medical reports when appropriate, and produce the settlement documentary as if it were appearing on a network news show. A settlement documentary can  enhance your case, or help to avoid a trial altogether.

  • Day-In-The-Life Documentary

       Day In The Life Videos are not just snippets of video edited together. "Day in the Life Videos" tell the story of what your client is living through, how it impacts their families and friends, and do it without scripting, narration or special effects. It can include interviews with family and friends. It is a very cost effective way to add tremendous impact to your case.

      Day In The Life Videos tell the compelling, emotional story of what life is like now. How the accident or event has changed your client's life forever. These productions are used in settlement conference, mediation and trial.


  • Inspection Video

       Video site inspections are integral to multimedia trial presentations because they allow attorneys to visually transport the jury to physical locations while remaining in the courtroom. Video site inspections are an important part of the digital litigation process because of their numerous applications.


    To create the video, we travel to the case related site(s) and use production quality digital video cameras to document every visible inch of property or evidence.


    Site Inspection Video Options:


    Visual Support: Site inspections can be used to support litigation strategy by digitally recording physical sites ranging from property destruction to accidents scenes. For example, a video site inspection could be used at a burned home to visually record all aspects of physical damage and could later be used to prove or disprove negligence.


    Remote Locations: A site inspection video is a great way to bring footage showing a remote or distant location into the courtroom. LVD can travel to the location and shoot what the jury cannot see in description alone.


    Dispute Settlement: Situations may arise where the condition of a property must be documented in order to settle a claim or dispute between two parties who have a mutual interest in that property.


    Digital Stills: Still pictures may also be taken and edited into the video. A powerful byproduct of the video site inspection is the digital still frames that can be pulled from each video. Each digital created during the video site inspection can be separated and used as a digital photograph during trial, giving you literally millions of potentially case-winning pieces of evidence. This feature allows clients to hand pick specific pictures to exhibit, further influencing jurors by visually highlighting important evidence.

  • SIU-Evidence Of Insurance Fraud Video

       Under direction of the SIU investigator the videographer performs a recording with date and time stamped in the frame. The original recording is given to the SIU investigator.


    LVC works with insurance companies and investigators to make a complete and accurate recording of any matters related to insurance fraud.

  • Proof of Damages Video

    Proof of Damages: A video recording of damages sustained to personal or commercial property as a result of an accident, negligence, or act of God. These video documents are often used to support an insurance claim or other litigation. All videos or recorded with an official time and date stamp.


    Construction: When documenting damages done to a structure for an insurance claim, a video will graphically show the fractures and strains that are the foundation of the case. Our videographers can film in one continuous shot to clearly communicate the full impact of the state of damages.


    Personal Injury: A video document of personal injury damages suffered by your client. Often recorded at the client's doctor's office.


    Vehicular: Related to automobile accidents, a video that documents damages done to a vehicle.


  • Scene of the Incident Video

        Sometimes, it is helpful to be able to take the jury out of the jury box, and to the scene of the action. There is no better or more efficient way than through video recreation or re-enactment, and/or high quality digital photography. To render a decision from an incident, all factors must be clearly understood. Certainly a verbal description or general testimony will offer some visual guidance, but that pales in comparison to actual photography or videography of the area where the incident transpired. Factors such as road hazards, construction blind spots, road signs (or lack thereof) and street conditions may have significant contribution and must be seen to be fully appreciated. While these are just a few of the things to consider, a visual representation is substantially better than just a verbal description.

  • Courtroom Presentation Video

       It is a known fact that juries retain more information when presented with visual aids in the courtroom. LVD uses the latest in digital technology to edit your depositions and other trial presentations, we can respond quickly to your needs, and provide the quick turnaround that trial-time editing frequently calls for.

  • Video Editing

        LVD maintains a full post production department to provide you with any editing service you need. High Definition editing facilities, voice-over recording, transferring and duplication are all done in house

        Whether it’s a documentary, video enhancement, slow motion, titles or still images from video, etc, we can produce it quickly. We are fully equipped with the latest in post production software and editing systems and our skilled editing team is prepared to meet all of your editing needs. We can also convert video depositions or any footage into a multi part DVD, complete with titles and menu, to allow easier navigation in the courtroom.


        Video Transferring and Duplication: LVD can transfer your video footage to DVD or output final product to almost any format by your office.


  • Mock Trials

       A mock trial, or witness preparation session, can be a valuable tool in preparing for trial. We can provide a single or multiple cameras and playback monitor to help you prepare your client or expert witness to deliver their sworn testimony in the most persuasive manner.

  • Will Signing Ceremonies

        A legal video recording that accurately captures a Last Will and Testament or Prenuptial Agreement execution can prove invaluable should the agreement be subsequently contested. According to the American Guild of Court Videographers, proof of a document's execution "becomes more certain when substantiated by a video recording".


        Having a will or prenup may not always be enough. Both are commonly contested, and can often result in broken family relationships. Producing a video will can alleviate this problem, as it allows the testator to explain his decisions and to demonstrate his mental competence at the time of signing. This evidence can deter possible contests. While no video will or prenup can substitute for a written, signed and witnessed document, it is an excellent additional tool to protect a written document's validity.

  • Pre-Construction Video Surveys

       Pre-construction video documentation can help you eliminate litigation over alleged property damage, or provide you with a model for post-construction site restoration. Our team will come on site for pre-construction video-recording right before your project starts. With our state-of-the-art equipment we will create a highly professional, user-friendly pre-construction video survey that will give a clear picture of what the site looked like before mobilization. Then, when you’ve finished your job, we’ll return to shoot a post-construction video, leaving no question how you left the site.

  • Construction Draw Video

       Job Site Videos can document the construction crew’s progress at any time during the job. Periodic progress videos can keep you up-to-date and able to manage your responsibilities effectively. Or you may need to get a construction draw. Progress video and photography can establish completion of the tasks required for the draw.






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